Seo strategies for audio visual content


seo for my audio visual content is visual. What is the best way to incorporate SEOSEO: Audio Visual Content. What is the best way to incorporate SEO?

Setting SEO audio visual content is not hard. Basically, search spiders are blind they can only read. Give them as many opportunities to read what you know about the painting, video or audio piece…

These tactics give non-text based content as many opportunities to rank. You will need to get typing, so together what your knowledge about the painting, video or audio piece…

An SEO spider is a piece of software which looks at all the readable text on a web page. This information is stored and sorted and index to give your website a rank. It is important that your site has the correct amount of words and the correct type of relevant word and the right people are linking to your site.

Think more like a Gallery Guide, than a minimalist gallery.


The SEO changes to URLS

seo audio content Anatomy-of-a-URL-cheat-sheet_170316_122433The anatomy of the URL. The uniform resource locator. This is read by the search engines. However lesser emphasis has been placed on the Domain. Exact domain keyword matching to be exact. The is little or no benefit to buying a domain that is your target keyword.

Moz has all you need to understand URLs and how they influence SEO. So what you need to know is that you should have people readable URLs

Things have changed to get around those who create exact matched domains too.

Filename gives SEO Benefit

The SEO benefit goes all the way to the name of the image filename. Label the URL of the image properly.Give the image a descriptive name. Not untitled.jpg
Write oil-painting-on-board-by-Richard-Calves-1976-called-untitled.jpg

Alt tags are SEO too

As the SEO spider follows the HTML of the image, it also reads the alt tag, of the img tag.

Get SEO control over the Page Title

Place your product description close to the front of the page title. Critically SEO place more emphasis in keywords to the front of the page title. The SEO benefit of the meta description is debatable. Often used by search engines to populate the SERP snippet. Not to be confused the keyword meta tag. Furthermore, Google will take the best content from your page and populate this anyway. I currently use an SEO WordPress plugin from Yoast to check my posts for SEO.

The SEO benefits of the P tags and text on the page.

Write a full SEO description of more than 500 words around the product on its page. Failing this write a very good blog attached to the website and point to the product. Failing this write a very good blog attached to the website and point to the product with a good internal link.

In the alt text talk about the painting. It’s fine to just copy a similar description from the image. And keep it to around 20 words.

In the body of the page next to the image, write about the painting. This should be descriptive and be about the image. Make this more than 500 words.

If you are worried about the look your sales website, have a good write up on your blog and point to the relevant product page. There is no need to cloak the text you have or make it really small. You could have the text below the fold.

As well as the obvious, colour, medium, canvas, write about the background to the picture. This could be any history that is specific to the painting and not to the author.

Generic author/artist on a separate author page, so you don’t duplicate this on every page that has a reference to the author. And link all work from this page. On the author page have a good bio at least 500 words.

The same can be used for any audio visual content. Just translate a description into text and place it on the page. Captioned video work well on Facebook and Youtube.

You can still consider making a video alongside the picture. Using your own words to describe it. Embed this video from youtube.

Add this video to Facebook, Youtube and remember to upload directly.

Things that you can change to affect the SEO of your page.

The Structure of SEO on page

  • Page Title,
  • (Sometimes the meta tag),
  • Heading tags,
  • H1, H2, H3,
  • P tag,
  • Bold and Italics,
  • Bullets.

The structure of the image link affects SEO of the page and image.

For example, audio visual content should be reflected in your; Image filename, alt tag, description tag, surrounding

  • Image filename,
  • Alt tag,
  • Description tag,
  • Caption text
  • surrounding.


You want to use external ranking factors to help your audiovisual content by using off page techniques as well. This makes the page seem more relevant to search engines and therefore hopefully the user.

For example, if you have a movie, please upload to then Embed the video on your page. The same can be done with Facebook and Vimeo. However, the largest search engine is Google. And the largest search engine for video is Youtube, owned by Google, so it makes sense to put video content there first unless your audience research shows that another channel would convert better.

Another SEO strategy for audio visual content you can do with your video, especially on Facebook and YouTube, is to upload captions with your video.

On Youtube, you can go a step further to dial in your relevance and add meta keywords to your channel and to your video.

There are a lot of audio visual content platforms you could use to show relevance, keywords and embed onto your page. For example, you can use SoundCloud to embed music.