Facebook strategies for increasing natural reach and engagement

Facebook strategies for increasing natural reach and engagementAll Good Facebook Strategies Start with some Foundation Social Media Tips


With these Facebook Strategies: you are not going to get it all in one pass. Whether you are looking for Facebook strategies for small businesses your church or you nonprofit, learn the foundations of marketing and the limitation of Facebook as a social media channel. This comes with experience, determination and skill. Social media has various uses as, Competitor Research, Customer Service, Marketing, or Sales. But not all four at once!  All social media channels form part of your sales/fundraising funnel should point back to the easiest and best resource for information or conversion.

This is usually a website. But could be an email sign up page or donation site. But with Facebook, you will have to think a little different.

In this Facebook Strategies Guide, I will give tips on how to leverage Facebooks’ algorithm to increase the engagement and reach amongst your target audience.

1. Learn what You, your Audience and Facebook Likes.

What does Facebook Like?

Your Facebook content strategy will benefit from creating what Facebook likes. Use Facebook will generally prioritise content in the stream in the following order:

Facebook Strategies: An Important Content Priority Guide

This is it really. What ever you produce for your audience to answer their pain. Please prioritise it in these formats.

  1. Video
  2. Moving images (GIFs)
  3. Pictures
  4. Text

Facebook strategies to win if you have text based work.

Because content is King, it is time to start castling. You can win by transforming your content into, something with better reach. For instance, if you have text based work, you can convert to movies, gifs or pictures.

as a result you a slideshow can be exported as a movie or Gif in Powerpoint or Keynote.

For smaller text like a page of text use Canva.com to produce the page and export as an image. If you already have the text in a word document, then use an online conversion site like SmallPDF.com.

canva online picture editor

For smaller text and quotes use Pablo.buffer.com. Pablo can provide background images, formats for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you are short for a quote, Pablo can produce a random quote for you.


Remember upload to Facebook directly far better results. Don’t use a built-in helper.

pablo buffer com

To convert text to a picture try this.

Here is a simple document conversion site. This site smallpdf.com will convert Word documents to images for free if you do it in two stages.

  1. Open smallpdf.com in a browser
  2. Click on the convert doc to pdf button.
  3. Upload your document
  4. Download the pdf
  5. Go back to smallpdf.com and click on pdf to picture
  6. Upload the pdf you just downloaded and it will convert the pdf to an image.
  7. Upload the image to Facebook.

If you use a Mac you can do this for free. Using print, open in preview. Then exporting to the image as a png or jpg.

online document conversion

Facebook Strategies for Audience: What does your audience Like?

  1. Use the content type guide to see what gets good reach.
  2. Look at the competition and see what is engaging their audience. Engaged, likes, shares, comments etc. Provide something similar in a variety of content types.
    1. Video, customer testimonials
    2. Gifs, MEMEs
    3. Pictures, quotes
    4. Written content, stories about ways to use your product.
    5. Links to elsewhere except Facebook in ANY combination of the above
  3. Another method is just to start answering your customer questions using:
    1. Video, explainer videos
    2. Gifs, how to sequences
    3. Pictures, infographics,
    4. Written content, like Comment in groups.
  4. Using either method on your content strategy and review regularly in your
    1. insights to get the skinny on what works and what to improve.

What Facebook Strategies worked on you?

Do consider what is working on your will work on your audience. What makes your comment? What makes you Share, Like and any other engagement you can think of? Make a note of all the things that you sign up for. Make a note of the tools they use, landing page layout and sign up process. Use these as examples and then try to model these.

Consider that what your audience is expecting from your Facebook campaigns. These do not have to be polished masterpieces. But you should really have a clue about your customer’s likes and dislike and how your product or service can help them. These are usually Pages, Groups, Friends, Interests expect to have people contact you on your private profile. So keep this as you would expect others to find it.

Customers expect engaging content, either shot in your office, on a phone or whatever. Ask yourself is this:

  1. Helpful
  2. Shareable
  3. Easy to understand?

2. Facebook Strategies for better reach: Upload content directly to Facebook.

Facebook genuinely has a dislike for links that take you to another place. So it best to upload content directly. That also helps you keep backups of your work in case the social media site shuts down.

On my iPhone, I keep an iCloud shared folder of all the content that I share from my computer. It syncs via Icloud and appears on my iPhone. Just create the sharing folder and don’t include anyone else.

Often you will see on posts via Facebook. The way which content is shared. Shared via Buffer, Postplanner, etc. I think that these give clues to Facebook about the types of content that are popular.

Get round this by sharing content directly from your phone and not a third party app. I create content on my computer and sharing with my phone. This also comes in handy when sites decide to shut down.

3. Get into the habit of distributing your content far and wide.

But where I hear you ask. Isn’t’ my page enough? Sadly no. some careful research is needed to start building your momentum and reach.

Yes you know you should be drinking your own Koolaid by posting on your own wall and your page. And you should ask your friends to like your page once!

Look at the people who are liking your pages and join their groups, like their pages and begin to form a little network of reciprocal reach. But I caution should be taken to spamming, begging, tagging and posting on other people wall. I find tagging of important announcements in a group you fine.

Part of your Facebook content strategy could include leaving valuable comments on other people content. These could include links back to your content on Facebook, where a fuller answer better.

You will find good leads from investigation the activity of your page and wall and insights to.

For example, choose a person, and like some of their likes, join some of their group and get involved. Do not just shove content into a group!

Take time to understand if what you are selling can help. Or if what you know can make a contribution to the group. Often people will also follow your trail back to your page, public wall and website. They may decide to do you a favour and like you page. Then you should repeat the Cycle.

  1. View Activity.
  2. Check Facebook profile Person.
  3. Join Groups, Pages.
  4. Ad value by sharing information and relevant content.

These are usually Pages, Groups, Friends, Interests expect to have people contact you on your private profile. So keep this as you would expect others to find it from other companies.

These are usually Pages, Groups, Friends, Interests expect to have people contact you on your private profile. So keep this as you would expect others to find it.

Get into a habit of reviewing your privacy settings.

4. Your Facebook Channel: Have a relevant and achievable Goal

Having a realistic and achievable Facebook goal that is linked to your business objectives is going to win.

Not having one is like looking for looking for “Likes” in the back of your sofa.

That said, have a look at your business goals and then look at the insights page. Can you say for certain that any of your objectives will lead. Forbes has

Content Marketing Goal Examples

  • Brand awareness – Get to a point where people are asking, who just saved my skin.
  • Brand Loyalty – Be seen as a brand that is helpful, entertaining etc.
  • Client Education – An informed client, is an easy client.
  • Customer Engagement – Content provides an opportunity to engage with your brand.
  • Talent Recruitment – I want to work for these people

If you have posted a few pieces of content you will see some great things there if not you will still be in the dark.

Increase in traffic are not the best goals to orchestrate. Why because they focus on a narrow expectation of volume and not quality.

5. Start reposting – varied and content

You know what works. So prove yourself wrong. A good content experiment will see your audience engage with your content. Check you Facebook insights page and see what is working. Review you facebook insights.

  • reUse Facebook winning Images
  • Stuff that does well on facebook does well on a number of other channels. Find out which by reposting this content.
  • Change the backdrop picture
  • This is a good thing to do regularly, weekly at most. Use your best content from the week. This regular activity helps people understand what you are about. And also fans and followers also get regular updates.
  • Have a clear image of you or your company.
  • Use colour icons and type to help them recognise your brand. Wherever you post you will be recognised as your brand.

Facebook strategies insights for a page

Use all text areas

  • Update your bio to reflect your role and the products and services.
  • Convert text to a relevant medium that does better.


  • Ask friends and family to comment on your business posts. People often will not comment on empty posts.
  • Find groups and answer questions for free.
  • Post on the Marketing days.

6. Have a strategy for all your places on facebook.

Each area should have a theme.

Strategies for your Facebook profile.

Brands often forgo the personal touch and failed to connect. It’s easier to build momentum and growth when you let them know what you are all about. Tell us more about you – These three areas can estole your brand and connect you to your audience quickly:

  • What’s your story.
  • Your Philosophy
  • Behind the scenes

Strategies for your Facebook Page

Figure out what your content will look like outside and in your page. For example will you have on page. Hear are some ways to find something to talk about and also anchor your customer with relevant content. See the content guide in the news section.

With so much to do in facebook alone it is important to focus on what works. And we know that the reciprocal nature of us humans does make some people do the same thing back. To extend your reach of your Facebook page:

  • Like other pages as your page, using your computer. (You cannot do this from the Facebook app!) Go to a page and click on the three pips. Select like as a page you manage.
  • Pin lastest most important news to the page. This is what people will see. This is an ideal place to put your latest campaign, your leadgen or favourite content.
  • Crossposting: Use your facebook group to help your reach. Friend all those that join your facebook group. This will help them see your content in other areas of facebook.
  • Knowing your ideal customer, how they hang out there will help your get more people into your funnel.
  • Share the your best content. Create uniques content for them and look out for user generated content. A good group is active. But usually only 20{14eb6fcf2d1144d781067879d4a54ea28386d543f92f73ba070f8c6d7d586938} of the groups actually is active and participating. Most group users are passive but can still be advocates of your brand.
  • Share the best content from your Facebook page into a group. Or better still create your own version of content which does on your facebook page.

Facebook Branding Strategies

Your brand is part of the way of building trust so that when people recognise your stuff, they see what you want them to seem. This helps differentiate you from others in your sector and builds trust. Trust is essential to persuading people to move down the funnel to take the next step. The end game is to get something.

  • Make your website look like your facebook page. back to your website – match
  • Pin popular, feel good pieces on your page, especially those are part of your lead gen.
  • Pin posts that have high engagement to show that your have gained trust.
  • Background images, change this  something reflecting your website, your brand and what the page is about.
  • Reviews, Ask people to leave a review of your products, services and experience.
  • Does it go without saying. If your brand is your face, put your picture up. If you have a logo.
  • Make your page link prettier and remove the number part. This can be done in your facebook page message settings.

Facebook Group strategy

Have a reason for having a group. What do you want to learn, prove, get advice on. Also consider not creating a group because it demands a lot of time.

For groups that you own

  • Why do you have the group?
    • A feedback group for testing an app
    • A mastermind groups for exchanging ideas and growing
    • A group where you have a closed audience to market to
    • Company forum
    • Private VIP group
  • Change your link to a pretty one in the group’s message settings.
  • Find places that need help and invite people to your group.
    • Its often easier to post a link to your group in another.Beware serial group joiners.
  • For important messages tag people. Use this rarely, when you was a few people to see important messages.
  • Welcome people to the group. A formal introduction and icebreaker helps those get orientated to the group.
  • Post content daily. There is so much to do on facebook that it can be easy to become overwhelmed. But if you get into writing helpful posts in your group you will see the benefit.
  • Post surveys and ask what the group wants.
  • Have a theme for each day of the week to engage the group.
  • Friend request all members of the group.

You for groups you don’t own.

Why even have a group if people come to you? You can do just fine by posting in regular groups you find that work for you, and make friends as you go. These friends will still be able to see your post on your wall and any activity you do on facebook.

  • Read the rules of the groups: groups have different release, which may only allow you to post marketing content on certain ways
  • Friend people
  • Comment and like appropriately
  • Add value and make important friendships
  • Stick to the theme of the group


7. Include your Website in your Facebook Strategy

Share of Facebook trafficFront/Landing page

Have similar branding from the facebook page. This helps build your brand and trust. This also is a good lead into you brand and what you do.

I cannot stress enough having a good analytics package installed in your website. For example google analytics can keep an eye on Facebook bounce rate to landing pages.


You should have a blog

A blog gives a regular place to add news, themed content to drive content and promote your website.for regular news. This helps people discover your website using search. Search Marketing is a free source of marketing based on the content your produce.

Don’t get too bogged down with the news. It will become better the more you do.

Facebook Strategy Content Creation Guide:

To keep the news flowing and interesting here is a guide of areas you can about:

  • Industry
    • Legal issues
    • Industry events
    • Local news
  • Product and services
    • New products
    • Competitions
    • Campaigns
  • Personal
    • Winners
    • New employees
    • Customer service


Get organised with your news as well as the news areas above. You can create:

  • A team to contribute to news towards or your current campaign objectives.
  • A news template to help reduce your workload of the keep each writer on target.
  • A team and direction that will help with website content
  • A document that guides the website, content and wider communication strategy.


8. Facebook strategies for conversion: Website Mobile friendly.

Because a large portion of Facebook users use mobile, it would make sense to optimise your website for mobile. And finally is your website mobile friendly? A number of people will be using mobile Facebook app will be coming to your site. You can find this out in your Google analytics.

https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/ gives an idea of what is wrong with your site and what to do to fix it. Click the link and google will measure your website.

Try looking at your website through a phone. See if the experience could be improved. Because if you can get rid of a separate website you can concentrate on the core website, and pay less.

I can’t really see the reason for a separate mobile site. Most mobile browsers do an amazing job of rendering a great mobile experience.

If in doubt test all relevant mobile devices that you see being used in your analytics. To see if they perform better in a separate mobile experience.



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