Digital strategy

The digital strategy landscape is vast

There are digital strategy and marketing problems everywhere!

Are you looking to make sense of digital strategy? Are you numb to your email stats? Are you lonely on social media? Do you have an unfulfilled online dream? Is your content – contentious? Do you have lots of questions?

So is a digital marketing agency the solution?

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency will certainly see your returns grow. I know I used to work there. But all that cool cutting edge learning stays within an agency and is rarely shared with the client and may be shared with all clients with all who use them.

Sadly exporting these tasks often atrophies your marketing, and limits your growth.

It’s a tactic that will in time crush the capacity in your organisation, and means that you will have to build it again from scratch in the future.

So let’s hire a digital marketer!

Perhaps you want someone who can answer questions about how your online marketing is being run. You hire someone within budget, who’s young enough to know how to use social media. But can’t articulate the wider businesses plan.

Or perhaps you are looking for a Senior Digital Strategist, a business consultant to give you the advice and expertise who after fixing all the problems is soon redundant.

Looks like you need a digital consultant!

As a strategy consultant, I look forward to working with clients, helping them attain their business goals.

I find the easiest method is just to answer digital strategy questions whenever they arise.

Why because if you understand what is involved in sending a tweet, you will write a better more flexible marketing plan.

Why am I so helpful, then?

I actually enjoy making digital strategy document. My aim is to get you closer to your dream or your organisation up to speed, by answering any digital marketing questions you may have.

I consult to help my clients define the right digital experience to meet the needs of their business, audience, content, channel and measurement needs.

I can help you to define your audience, content, channels and measurement. This could be:
– The right digital ecosystem for your business need
– Defining the best use of analytics and reports
– Or putting in place a digital strategy

You’ll be one of a small group of firms that is able to call upon significant experience in digital.

You’ll be able to call upon that experience to uncover business and audience needs and be able to verbalise these into actionable digital strategies and plans that clients understand and buy into.

How can you work from a digital strategy?

If you are looking to work with Digital Strategist then this is an opportunity for you. It’s simple. I just take your specific answers from your business and craft a unique and easy to follow a personalised guide as a digital strategy:

-Online goals
-Audience personas
-Your best content
-Your best marketing channel
-And way to easily report on your success

So how does it work?

Easy to follow strategy documents – a free consultation, to discuss if I can give you a quick answer, or is there a hidden problem?

I invest this time by creating a written report. After you have read we speak again to fully translate all the learning into a final easy to follow document.

Those that invest in strategy see magnitudes of return as they invest in moving the fulcrum over. Get your playbook on what to lead on in your online world.

Please contact me for a free digital consultation.