Content Strategy: Key Learnings from the Pinterest AskJelly Acquisition

Will your content strategy survive the ever-changing landscape of social media


Content Strategy: Key Learnings from the Pinterest AskJelly AcquisitionContent strategy; AskJelly, social media Q and A platform like Quora, has been turned, off leaving many users, their content and their content strategy stranded on the app. And what of Pinterest users? How will the acquisition impact the way they Pin and earn?

Well, many small businesses are rethinking their social media content strategy, because of the social media volatility. AskJelly and Vine are the most recent high profile changes, that highlight this trend for social being unpredictable. And regardless of the implied success of stars on the platform the success of the founders is paramount. That’s right, these free rented sites owe you nothing. And when they disappear, so does your content, your investment, and audience with them.

Pinterest the social media scrapbooker, acquired AskJelly on the 8th of March 2017. You can read what the founder says about this in this article: Biz stone on Medium.

A few things popped into my mind about what this could mean for users, owners, and business affected by this acquisition. Firstly the bigger picture about content. Content is king and the relationship to the content, its ownership, access, and a license is usually tied to that platform.

My Key learning are

  • Double down on your content for that channel you are on
  • Research other similar channels and keep a swipe file on competitors that use other spaces
  • Keep an original copy of all your content.
  • Brand your content for you and your audience, not the channel
  • Read and take note the Terms of service for each channel you are on
  • Build your content strategy to be platform independent
  • Find ways to capture leads from your audience

Owned, Earn and Rented

Read the small print! Keep your content close and your content backed up.

When we use rented property we can expect the unexpected. For example:

  • It’s not always possible to get a copy of your content should things go pear shaped
    • Being banned
    • Blacklisted
    • Ignored
  • Once authored It make not to belong to you
    • Restricted access
    • Deletion ignored
    • Licence
  • You might not see any value from your contribution, in fact, it might be sold to anyone
    • Monetisation
    • Resale
    • Licence
  • Read the Terms of Usage (TOUs) and also any changes at any time to reflect the above.


Forbes reports that the death of vine should leave “social media users and platforms” a terrifying thought.

“The Vine stars had felt the pull of new platforms, as Facebook took a double shot at the Twitter app, launching video on Instagram and Facebook Live on the social networking platform. Both had taken their toll. And then there was, of course, YouTube too.”


So what is your exit strategy for your X? Where could you next continue as business as usual after a piece in your content strategy plays their exit card?


AskJelly’s Content Exit strategy

It’s impossible to get onto the site. Heads up ”App Startups and app users’, is being on medium a strong indication of a prior exit strategy? Probably a good reason to have your blog in another place.

Another reason to have your blog in a different place!

Biz Stone emailed me on the 20th March to save my 26 answers. These are now gone. And any thought of leveraging the content with it.

However, I did learn a few things at the top of this page. Back IT UP!

So another head up for those leveraging content on other websites, blog, and channels. That said company has no obligation to you to look after your content.

I now write a copy on google docs and save to my hard drive. Then I post to whatever channel. Sometimes at a pinch, I just write the reply and then email myself.


Content Strategy

Content Strategy: Ryan Niccolls on AskJellyI used AskJelly frequently in my content strategy and chalked up about 26 questions. The answers I gave ranged from health, social issues, and social media. I soon became trusted on the topic of Social Media.

Although AskJelly was a catalyst to me starting my marketing business. I slowly abandoned the platform in favor of answering digital marketing questions on Quora because of the public nature of the answers and public exposure of my brand.

AskJelly was based on anonymous questions.

Content Strategy Research

Content strategy and research didn’t end after creating my business. A good strategy does not tie you to using one app.As when I began using Quora, StackOverflow and AskJelly, I could  I did not see any further benefit to answering questions further on AskJelly.

I am grateful I had found a niche of subjects that I was good at answering and then decided double down on those. But I found the leaving my content to questions on other people’s property a daunting task.

On AskJelly, I also found that it reciprocation too was part of the system. And that by trusting others you gained reciprocation in kind but only in subjects that they thought you had answered well.

Growth hack content strategies, you may find annoying are liking content arbitrarily in the hopes that any old user will follower you, still work on many social media platforms.

Likes translated as thanks.  Comments were often received from question givers. And trust siliar to following on twitter was a higher public metric and was given sparingly, by the community of question servers. 


User Generated Content

I suspect there will be an influx of Ex-Askjelly user’s changing to different channels of Q & A alternatives. For example, here are a few Q & A sites;

Others will be praying and seeking the rise of the phoenix once again. Others will perhaps have better hopes of something similar pinned to the side of Pinterest.

Pinterest AskJelly Thoughts

I love the way Pinterest can find other related images better than google. It uses tone, shape, and line to give you pretty good matches, along with the Pinterest.


content strategy: Pinterest strategy image search
I also love the premise of user generated content and answering questions. Could Pinterest’s and AskJelly’s love child be amazing?


Could it be a complementary app, ala Facebook and Instagram? Or because of its recent disappearance became an infusion of image and questions inside of Pinterest.


Time will tell. How the new offer of question-based content will supplement and enhance the stream of images and pins.

So I had a go at Imagineering these ideas

content strategy: pinterest AskJellyI see this as a complementary offering to the regular pins and pinners. A way to offer a new way of pinning questions as images. Or a new way to ask questions around images.


The possibilities are varied and mind blowing.

Imagine being able to pin a question to a board in Pinterest.

So what happens next is this:

  • Imagine as users uploading an image of an unknown bird, and asking what kind of food does it eat?
    • And then getting a text and picture response from an expert.
  • Or perhaps pinning a video or image reply in order to help a someone asking.
    • How do I use this?
  • I could imagine asking what kind of dog leaves this kind of “message” on my lawn.
    • And of course, several people pinning the picture of the dog back.
  • Imagine uploading a picture of a gadget
    • And then having an advert of the store and it’s location.