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I am a freelancer working in business consulting. I work for myself in the digital marketing space. You may have come here looking for a way to contact me. You have found it. Look no further. Unleash your Email or Phone +44.7.510.43.59.73.


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However, to get some help about your internet marketing problem then hit the blue button. Use this to book your free one-hour consultation!

Get in contact using the awesome might of social media below. I am currently answering a look of questions on Quora.

Get in contact using the diverse and awesome might of social media below…

Or should you prefer


Ultra Free The Social Media Business Consulting Solutions


The Business Consulting Contact Form – Use it for good

However, some people like to have a form to contact me. Here you go.


We are all are quite busy so book a time when we are free. I use this handy calendar. It sends both of us meeting invites, like a digital secretary. PS. you don’t need a digital calendar like Gmail or Outlook to book with me. You can put the date in a paper diary or a post-it. Anyway I digress.


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