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To keep me on my toes I am giving away an hour of my free time, as small business consulting, to those small businesses that need it most. And as a startup and entrepreneur, we see the value in bouncing ideas of each other.
This is essential to solidify good thinking and to spark new ideas.
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What others have said about Ryan’s business consulting process


business consulting Ryan Niccolls is a Nice guy to do business with. Always willing to go the extra mile.

business consulting Ryan Niccolls shared with us his positivity, creativity and digital communication know-how to boost our social media presence so that we could better celebrate the work of our amazing volunteers and provide them with the tools and skills to collaborate with one another. He pushed himself to take on new responsibilities, welcomed opportunities for personal development and worked brilliantly as part of a team. He is also a very nice bloke, keen to make a positive impact on the people around him and the wider community. We miss him.





Entrepreneur and Small Business Consulting

To be honest we all need an understanding ear sometimes. someone who actually understands that you need to speak candidly about a problem to actually think about the solution. And you should include this as part of your business growth and personal growth plan.

Remember this is one of 24 hours we have in a day. So why not use it to sharpen the saw. This is really explained as. If you keep doing something repetitive you will get better slowly. How if you take a little time out to assess and make a component better; this will lead to better gains. There are other definitions of insanity too.

Examples of sharpening the saw, you can do daily.

Take breaks.
Speak problems aloud.
Draw out a business process.

This hour will help you:

  • Bounce ideas of an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Get straight on a new campaign channel
  • Find clarity on a new website that you are thinking of building
  • Look at again at what you are currently doing on social media
  • Explore email best practices to hep your list grow organically
  • Plan ideas and content that will help you rank and qualify traffic for your SEO efforts.

Always Be Consulting

Free consulting is not for everyone. You may even like it so much that you tell your friends and sign yourself both up to a regular monthly conversation with me.

I am taking on free consulting because the real value is an idea not in the product. The idea has real value, in that is you get unbiased feedback, on how things are going. On how an outsider sees your business. I know that small business needs to show value in everything they do. That’s why I am currently taking on unbilled client work. Book now as you never know when this might end.

What does “pro bono” mean?
From Latin pro bono publico (“for the public good”) – it means doing professional work voluntarily. Unlike “one-off volunteering” e.g. fundraising events, ice bucket challenges, helping homeless people once a year during Christmas, etc. pro bono means using specific professional skills and offering some sort of a regular service.
It is a very big tradition in the legal industry and many top lawyers. Law firms and other professions are rated by the amount and quality of pro bono work they do.
I have benefitted by the great this kind of philanthropy and am now inspired to do more for the public good. Like the many professionals, I grow by leveraging the experience gained to impact as many people as possible.

My Consulting Business Process

You tell me what you expect out of the meeting. For example, this could be an email deliverability problem. It could be that you want to produce an ebook in a niche market and what to make a campaign around it. I tell you what needs to be done. You go away and do it, get someone else to do it, or hire me.

What you can expect from a free consulting session

  1. Book the time in my calendar, at your convenience.
  2. Fill out the short survey anytime before the consult or I can fill out during the session.
  3. Chat about what you are doing online and what you hope to achieve or any other specific problem.
  4. I give some feedback about how you can solve the problem within your capacity.
  5. I follow up with some notes from the meeting by email.
  6. Finally, you decide in your own time to:
    1. Do the work yourself
    2. Hire someone else to carry out the work
    3. Allow me to get the work done for you
  7. You may also choose to book:
    1. A follow-up session
    2. Adhoc strategy sessions
    3. Monthly strategy sessions
    4. Project


What you can expect from a paid business consulting

You can expect a detailed tailored easily to use plan. A full day of my time understanding and researching the best solution for your small business. When I analyse your question, I work with you to understand your capabilities and devise a plan. A plan to execute your digital strategy or digital marketing campaign. This is based on a two-way conversation that includes a second round of written and vocal answers. If you have a question about the first draft it’s answered in full. What I don’t want to happen is that you go away with more questions than you had before,


If you have a question about the first draft it’s answered in full. What I don’t want to happen is that you go away with more questions than you had before,

The option is always yours. You can go away and execute your plan. You can put it out to tender. You could also have one of my team execute. It’s up to you. Book your free consult

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