Case Studies

Here are some case studies. It might help you know who I work for and what type of work I do.

I have spent most of my career involved with Information Technologies, Non for profits and the Web Industry.

My focus is to assist Startups, Charities, Non-Profits and Social Enterprise in “getting found online” in a digital world and making you visible and successful on a crowded web.

case study social media campaign for GoalsUK case studies for Goals UK twitter campaignGOALS UK: Personal Growth Social Enterprise

Wanting to appeal to a wider ‘Everyday audience’, as well as Prisons, NGO, Councils and Corporate Training. I created a look for a twitter social media campaign. The client continues to use his quotes to reach more people.


  • Twitter Campaigns
  • Website Analytics






Centra Volunteering: Helping people growth through and in volunteering.

Ten Centra volunteers and the Volunteer manager met at Centra Islington, to look at its online needs. This user centric meeting focussed on two things; the Centra volunteer, current website usage, and suggestions for their online needs.


  • Social Media Training
  • Building Social Media Team
  • MailChimp Email Training
  • Digital Need Facilitation

Affinity Sutton: Housing provider and solutions provider.

Working with London Umbraco Gold partner Mento digital, together with the Affinity Sutton Team, I completed their flagship product content architecture. I went on to provide Facebook ad solutions alongside its main content management system.


  • Consulting on Customer Portal CMS Umbraco
  • Created MailChimp Templates and Customer Campaign
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Facebook Campaign


Affinity Sutton Portal Internal site architecture design by Ryan Niccolls
Click for larger Umbraco screen





Innesco: An integrated marketing communications agency. Experts in real estate.

I had an amazing time being the go-to person for digital in this multifaceted role, from print to digital, analysis to creativity. It was a good time with an experienced award winning agency.


Case Studies Innesco Mappic Graphic created by Ryan Niccolls
Click for the larger infographic.
  • Website Design on WordPress
  • MailChimp Email Templates
  • Google Analytics
  • Branding  Infographic







London Borough of Waltham Forest: Volunteering to help LBWF residents.

I worked with the Volunteer Manager to create a scoria media strategy. based on the core goals of the organisation’s volunteering arm. As well as documenting the meeting with Ali the former Walthamstow Mayor, I had a great time live reporting via twitter the #WalthamstowGardenParty.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Twitter Management
  • Reporter
  • Graphics Lead