Ryan Niccolls

A digital marketing consultant looking forward to making you happy.

Ryan Niccolls a digital strategist, and trainer working with organisations, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

He is hired to optimise, add value and improve their website traffic, email deliverability and social media engagement.

If you are facing problems in your online traffic or deciding which channels to start your social media, or just would like to know which is your best email list. He can help by demystifying the digital fog.

Just a quick chat
Many people find that after a quick chat with Ryan they see things a little clearer. They know what they know which area need to be looked at in depth, with a website audit, email audit, or social media audit.

You can then carry out the work yourself, hire other freelancers or have one of my team carry out the work.

Will he work with me?
He enables, charities, non-profits and brands to improve their digital online presence, with content plans, digital strategy, and social media marketing.

What’s free?
This digital marketing blog is free, and you can learn about all things digital marketing as Ryan will touch on the core abilities that I have, including Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Check out my tools.

Social Media Strategy – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, WeHeartit, Hootsuite, Buffer, Linkedin, sprout, Quora, Tweetdeck, Tumblr, Instagram,

Email Strategy – eCircle, Mailchimp, SmartMarketer, Lead pages;

Database Strategy – Alterian, Acxiom, Faststats, Access, Filemaker.

Web Strategy – WebTrends, Google Analytics, Unica;

Content Strategy – Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress

Contact Ryan if you need to review your current digital landscape, review processes or flesh out an idea you have about your digital strategy.

He has used so many tools that he has become independent of them. He plans strategically so that you can achieve your goals. His plans include core tactics available on many platforms.

With this easy to follow roadmap, you can implement across the whole of your organisation and digital landscape.

An impartial digital advocate

Ryan has spent most of his career involved with Information Technologies, Digital Marketing and the Web Industry.

His focus is to add value to Startups, Charities, Non-Profits and Social Enterprises in “getting found online”, “succeeding in you digital goals”,  and making you visible and successful on a crowded web.

Some Organisations Ryan Niccolls has worked for:

GOALS UK Leadership for organisations and individuals
Affinity Sutton
one of UKs Top Housing Provider
Centra Volunteeringone of the UKs Largest  Housing Provider
The YMCAAmazing Youth Homeless Local Charity
The British RedcrossMost Recognised International Charity
EuromoneyMost recognised Financial Publisher
ElsevierLargest Science Publisher
The LancetOldest Medical Publisher

Contact Ryan if you think your stats should be higher, jargon fewer and future on the web secured.


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Here are some things people say about working with Ryan.

Ryan Niccolls is a Nice guy to do business with. Always willing to go the extra mile.

Ryan Niccolls shared with us his positivity, creativity and digital communication know-how to boost our social media presence so that we could better celebrate the work of our amazing volunteers and provide them with the tools and skills to collaborate with one another. He pushed himself to take on new responsibilities, welcomed opportunities for personal development and worked brilliantly as part of a team. He is also a very nice bloke, keen to make a positive impact on the people around him and the wider community. We miss him.


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